The Narcissism Reader

‘The Narcissism Reader: Clinical, Behavioral, Spiritual’ is an explorative journey co-authored by Sam Vaknin and Peter Fritz Walter.

Sam Vaknin’s contributions show that over the past century, pathological narcissism has been construed as a psychological defense, introversion gone awry, a regression, or a personality disorder. It is probably all the above—and much more besides. His contributions to the reader deal with two neglected aspects of this multifarious phenomenon of mental illness: narcissistic mortification (when the narcissist is forced to face himself as others see him or her) and the psychodynamic role of psychological and sexual sadism in these disturbances of the self.

Peter Fritz Walter’s essays show new holistic ways of coping with sadism, and particularly sexual sadism, acted out either toward adults or toward children. The approach taken is non-judgmental and functional, and emphasizes a bioenergetic point of departure.

Information is provided about the true reasons for violent emotional and sexual afflictions and resulting misconduct, and viable alternatives to chaotic sexual behavior and suggestions for behavior adjustment are offered, not through putting up self-punishment and guilt, but in the contrary through understanding the energy-nature and inherent intelligence in our emotions. The primal narcissistic wounding if often the result of parent-child codependence and emotional abuse, as well as a stringent lack of autonomy early in life.

From a policy perspective, the way to go is quite exactly the contrary of what is practiced now by our lawmakers and social policy makers; it’s the way toward solving the blockage by dissolving the energy obstruction that led to the blockage. This energy obstruction is related to distortions of perception, and a lack of emotional awareness. 

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